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Get to Know The Kinds of Congenital Heart Disease

Get to Know Jenis Penyakit Jantung Bawaan is very important to you, especially those who have children or other family members with this disease to make it easier to get the right treatment in accordance with the condition of the body and the disease of the heart itself.

Here are the 5 types of congenital heart disease that is common in children, including :

Open VSD (Ventracular Septal defects), perforated

This disease so the right and left Chambers of the heart that can cause a leak of blood flow to the organ booth characterized by the presence of a hole in the compartment. The lungs organs can result in oxygen rich blood to the back, and low blood oxygen concentration lungs so as to cause obstruction of input would be. This disease can cause, such as shortness of breath disorders, problems with breastfeeding, it's easy to feel tired, weak, and it can result in the cessation of growth.

PDA (persistent persistent duct Arteriosus) disease

Duct arteriosus to the aorta, arterial vascular disease, with dapaat between the distal connects pulmonalis vessels arising from the disease in China. It can change by the time the baby is born. Disease duct arteriosus adult babies until the age of anotomis will remain open.

PS (pulmonary stenosis)

PS is a narrowing of the pulmonary valve, this valve is the heart of the low oxygen blood flow to the lungs, leading the Agency to set up the feature. The next generation of this narrow authority over expanding this contraction of the heart is no longer in the blood so that the pump must work hard and back to normal (hypertrophy) and right-click. If the remaining maturity of long-term damage to the lungs, it may be at risk of having a stroke and can increase the risk of death.

Perforated heart lobby splitter/A S D (Aptrial Septal Defect)

This disorder involves both a long term disability around the heart in the lobby of the center hole. At least, that is, more of the almost identical ASD VSD again in the presence of oxygen-rich blood flow to the lungs. This occurs in women, compared with more than an infant baby.

TF (Fallot tetralogy)

This is a hole in the top of the right side of the booth (hypertrophy) of the heart and aortic root enlargement of the heart (VSD), occurs in the lungs constrict authority (PS), such as the existence of a hole in the heart of the conditions associated with the disorder occurs in the organs of congenital heart malformations. Alcohol kalainan it is congenital heart disease is most dangerous to infants, the disease is impaired because of blue discoloration of the skin due to lack of oxygen in the body, you can display the turn.

By knowing the type of congenital heart disease in more detail, of course you will get a more effective handling of anyway.

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